Hi!  I’m Bruce.

If you’re interested here is a little about me!

I got my hands on a set of turntables when I was in my late teens, and my journey into turntablism and DJ’ing began. This journey has taken me to playing the smallest martini lounge, to enormous night clubs and bars, to the smallest and largest of wedding receptions. I certainly can play and am familiar with the majority of most music genres!  I DJ several nightlife venues here on the Outer Banks throughout the week, which I think is very important because it requires me to constantly stay up-to-date with new music, and it keeps me DJ’ing during the wedding off-season(December-February).

My family and I live here on the Outer Banks in Kill Devil Hills.  Yes, I’m married, and we had our wedding on Hatteras Island.  Therefore, I’ve been in your shoes and 100%, fully and personally understand the importance of “the wedding day”.  Not only that, but I have experienced the importance of “the wedding day” and planning with my own bride 😉  Since I’m friends with the majority of the wedding vendors here and think that the majority of them are all amazing people and do amazing work, I took myself out of the equation for choosing vendors.  My wife booked our wedding vendors.

Once again, if you’re interested you can view our wedding photos and engagement photos.  Hopefully they will give you somewhat of a sense of my personality and a little peak into our wedding day!